2D laser cutting

Take advantage of an affordable, yet extremely precise method.

Laser cutting is a technology that uses an electromagnetically reinforced light beam and high purity technical gas. The laser can burn the surface, melt it or cut through it in the sublimation process. It can cut through steel, aluminum and non-ferrous steel surfaces, e.g. copper, brass. Maximum sheet thickness is 20 mm.
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Total precision, little cost

Thanks to the CNC control it is possible to cut out any, even the most complicated shapes - with the precision of 0.1 mm. Laser beam cutting makes it possible to avoid the risk of material deformation and ensures high quality of the final product.

The method is not only precise but also extremely cost-effective: it minimizes the loss of material and ensures no need for further finishing of the cut element.

Cutting machine parameters


The TRUMPF cutting machine used by METIKAM is a modern equipment present in plants all over the world. High precision and repeatability of the cutting process is ensured by CNC computer programming.

  • Size of the work table: 3000 x 1500 mm
Thickness of cut materials:
  • Structural steel up to 20 mm
  • Stainless steel up to 15 mm
  • Aluminum up to 10 mm
  • Other non-ferrous steels on request