Metikam is a group of companies with many years of experience in metal production and metalworking.

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Metikam is a steel processing plant in Żarów near Wrocław. Our specialty is laser cutting, waterjet cutting, sheet metal bending and metalworking. Thanks to our perfectly equipped CNC machine park, we are able to quickly execute orders while maintaining the highest quality standards. Over the course of several decades we have developed our own professional traditions.

The most important one is commitment to modernity. Our advanced equipment and efficient production techniques allow us to provide the best working conditions. Continuous implementation of new innovations makes us one of the best supplied metalworking plants in south-western Poland.

In the offer you will also find other methods of metalworking.

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Plasma cutting

Our machine is equipped with a plasma arc cutter and enables cutting of all electrically conductive materials such as steel, aluminum, cast iron, copper and others.


Induction hardening

Hardening using a numerically controlled CNC heater. The process is quick and yet extremely precise, ensuring high quality and repeatability of heat treatment.


Steel and aluminum welding

We offer welding of aluminum and steel structures; we also weld hot/cold rolled sheet metal and profile structures.


Sheet metal

Production of precise parts using computer-controlled CNC bending. Full repeatability and precision of individual pieces enables serial production.


CNC milling

The CNC milling process allows to quickly and repeatably manufacture objects with complex geometry.


CNC turning

CNC turning is one of the most popular machining methods. In this process we can obtain objects of different shapes, e.g. cylinders, cones, threads, etc.